Resident Artist



“Sam’s Door” - the sunflower
represents the bright future
of the farmhouse

A pen and ink drawing of the farmhouse

Front Door
The welcoming main entrance
to the Cockayne Farmhouse

      Anne Foreman, a well recognized artist based in Wheeling WV, created nine original Cockayne-related watercolors and pen and ink drawings, which she then donated to the Cockayne project. Anne and her husband, Noel, toured the Cockayne Farmhouse in September 2006 and, in her words, she felt an immediate connection. “Far from being a shell in disrepair, the building is a sanctuary that holds treasures not only in physical form in its artifacts but in the histories and hopes and dreams of everyone who ever called it home.”

     Anne is a homemaker and mother of six. She attended Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy, Wheeling Jesuit University and Chatham College. After raising her family, she again took up art five years ago. She has also illustrated four locally published books.

     In 2003, Anne was asked to join a select group of “Noted Women Artists of West Virginia” at Charleston University. Also in 2003, three of her murals depicting events at the Siege of Fort Henry were installed in the Fort Henry Room at Oglebay Park. In September, 2005, Anne won first place in the Everyman’s Exhibit held at the Oglebay Institute Stifel Center. In October, 2005, she won first place in the drawing category of The 63rd Annual Waterford Homes Tour and Craft Exhibit. The Marshall County Historical Society is extremely grateful to Anne Foreman and proud to be the recipient of her marvelous gifts. Like the 19th Century Cockayne aunts before her, enthusiasm for her craft shines through.

     For more information on Anne and her artwork, visit her website at The artwork is on display through the holidays at Alexander’s on 7th, a unique café housed in the renovated historic “Mound City Bank” building built in 1907. Learn more about the café at