National Register

Designation of the Bennett Cockayne Farmhouse to the National Register of Historic Places was listed on December 12, 2002. The Nomination Form describes the Farmhouse as an I-House with Sandstone Foundation, Wood Walls and Slate Roof.

Statement of Significance: The Bennett Cockayne House is eligible under Criterion C for Architecture, with a period of significance of ca. 1850 and ca. 1900, the former an estimated date of construction and the latter an estimated date for significant alterations. Built by Bennett Cockayne, a successful sheep farmer and scion of a pioneer family, and later altered by his son, the house retains a high degree of physical integrity. Standing amidst a radically altered landscape and long severed from the agricultural lands that made its construction possible, the house has endured remarkably few modem adaptations since its last remodeling in the late-nineteenth or early twentieth century. Due to this relative physical stasis, the house remains an excellent, representative sample of the type of dwelling that an well-to-do Marshall County farm family would build, then modify, to suit changing tastes and favorable financial circumstances.