Hand Blown Christmas Bulbs For Sale


A Christmas bulb by Robert Allen, a Cameron high school graduate and former Fostoria glassblower, has been created to benefit the Cockayne project. The bulb is hand blown and contains an etching of the Cockayne Farmhouse and the date 1850, the year the farmhouse was built. The bulb is available in both sea green and cranberry colors.

The design of the house surrounded by night time stars, including the Christmas star, was created and then etched onto the hand blown bulb by Melody Dickey of Sidonia Glass Carving, a family oriented business specializing in customized and specialized sand carved items for personal and corporate use in Tippecanoe, Ohio. The etching technique created a look similar to that used in Fostoria etched work.

Allen is now a resident glassblower at Oglebay Institute. In 2002, he and his wife, Francee, who had worked with him as a “cut down person” at Fostoria, created their own business, Allen’s Art Glass in Moundsville. They can be reached at 304-845-9828 or email rgafia@gmail.com. Sidonia Glass Carving can be reached at 740-638-1328 or email melody@eohio.net.

These handcrafted bulbs sell for $20.00. If it is necessary to mail the bulb, please include an additional $5.00. Anyone having questions about the bulbs can email Nila Chaddock at njc@gkt.com or call 304-845-9750 or 304-845-0260.

To order, send payment to:

Marshall County Historical Society
P.O. Box 267
Moundsville, WV 26041