Trying to Beat Old Man Winter


By Staff Writer Art Limann

Wheeling Intelligencer & News-Register, September 4, 2009

Reprinted by permission.

exterior restoration

exterior restoration

The remaining three facades of the farmhouse should be restored before winter.

GLEN DALE — Durable Restoration employees are working hard to get the historic Cockayne Farmhouse ready for winter. Work has resumed on the exterior of the Glen Dale house. The Columbus-based company is currently working on the south side of the building.

Nila Chaddock, chairwoman of the Cockayne Historic Preservation Committee of the Marshall County Historical Society, said this is part of the ongoing restoration project at the site. It will also include the north and west sides.

Funding for the project is from a $171,200 United States Transportation Enhancement Grant announced in October of last year. The work will bring to completion the exterior renovation of the building.

“This is such a relief,” she said. “This was a major concern. The goal is to have the exterior completed before winter sets in.” Work was delayed until a “Notice to Proceed” was received last week from authorities in Charleston.

A new $164,000 TE grant announced in August will be used primarily for climate control and landscaping. A $41,000 match will be required for this match. Chaddock thanked local state representatives, county commissioners, Glen Dale city council and American Electric Power for their assistance in obtaining matching funds.