Cockayne Farmstead Included in Rick Sebak’s
Most Recent "Pittsburgh History Series" Documentary

Right Beside the River

Released August 20, 2009


Rick Sebak, producer, writer & narrator of WQED's "Pittsburgh History Series"

Rick Sebak, producer, writer and narrator of the popular "Pittsburgh History Series" documentaries featured on WQED Public Television, was guest speaker at the Marshall County Historical Society’s annual banquet earlier this year. Inviting Rick was the brainchild of the Cockayne Project’s Education Program Director, Tom Tarowsky, and it definitely paid off. Over 100 guests attended the banquet held at the Moundsville Country Club on March 16. And on March 17, Rick along with cameraman Bob Lubomski and sound man Glenn Syska spent 7 hours filming at the Cockayne Farmhouse.

Rick Sebak

Steve Avdakov pointing out features of the Cockayne Farmhouse to cameraman Bob Lubomski.
Rick Sebak in rear.

Even better, once the WQED film crew was in Marshall County, they recognized other important and film-worthy sites, including the Marx Toy Museum and Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex. These three attractions captured the first fifteen minutes of Producer Sebak’s new documentary, “Right Beside the River.”

Rick Sebak

WQED vehicle in back of Cockayne "tenant" house.

On June 26, Tom Tarowsky, Steve Avdakov and Nila Chaddock traveled to WQED’s headquarters in Pittsburgh to have lunch with Rick and watch him at work. He brought up some of the shots on his editing system, allowing us to preview the almost-finished product. It was an awesome outing!


Camerman Lubomski and Sound Man Siska getting equipment ready for an interview on the front porch.

The “Right Beside the River” documentary premiered on August 20, 2009 and a party hosted by Gold, Khourey & Turak was held at Grand Vue Park and Recreation Center’s Banquet Hall the following week to celebrate Marshall County’s inclusion in the program. Approximately 150 people attended to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and a glass of wine, a viewing of the documentary, and a chance to mingle and meet Rick and his crew.

The Cockayne Farmstead was extremely fortunate to receive this regional exposure and the Society is grateful to Rick Sebak and WQED for including Marshall County in their most recent endeavor. For a DVD of the "Right Beside the River" documentary, become a member of WQED. Call 1-888-622-1370 or join online at


L-R Tom Tarowsky & Steve Avdakov arrive at WQED Headquarters

The Cockayne House as it appeared in 1900 brought up on the editing system.

Tom Tarowsky talking about educational potential of this unique Appalachian Resource.

Rick Sebak operating the editing system & bringing up segments of the documentary for our review.

Steve Avdakov is talking about the preservation of the patina of the farmhouse.

Bonnie Mueller, President of the Historical Society, on the Cockayne Front Porch talking about the reclusive Sam Cockayne.

Glenn Syska and Bob Lubomski enjoying hors d'doerves prior to the Documentary Viewing.

Jon Turak introducing Rick Sebak to the guests.