Cockayne Family Pictures

Many of the family pictures were in the Sam Shaw Estate and were donated to the committee by
Charlie and Marion Walton, publishers of the Moundsville Echo.

Hannah Cockayne With Daughters
Birdie, Sallie & Gertrude Cockayne
Samuel A. J., Charles Schwob, Charles Showacre & Samuel A. "Zan" Cockayne
Young Sam & John Cockayne
Glen Dale Dramatic Company, 1895
First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
Irena Cockayne Shaw
Dora Cockayne
Sarah P. "Sallie" Cockayne Showacre
Ella P. "Birdie" Cockayne Meighen
Oriole Banjo & Mandolin Club

These photos were submitted by Jane Cockayne Weaver.

Elizabeth Riggs Cockayne
Artus & Hiram Joseph (Jasper) Cockayne
Gravestone of Elizabeth (Riggs) Cockayne, Prairie Grove Cemetery, Des Moines County, IA
Gravestone of Hiram Cockayne at Pine Grove; Lovie Irene's stone leans against Hiram's
Gravestones of Hiram, Eliz. & Lovie Irene - Cleaned & Reset, 2010*
Gravestone of Artus & Caroline Cockayne, Winfield Scott Cemetery, Winfield, Henry County, IA
Artus Cockayne & family, abt 1895

* - In the plot with Hiram and Elizabeth are the gravestones of Lovie Irene Cockayne and a child named Ida Loughary. There are other Cockayne and Loughary children buried in the plot, but these are the only markers that remain. - Ida Loughary was the daughter of William and Harriet Buxton Loughary. Harriet Buxton was from WV although William was not. Harriet and William met and married in Iowa and were neighbors of Hiram and Elizabeth. I have tried to determine if Harriet had a familial relationship with Hiram or Elizabeth, but I have come up empty. It is an intriguing question though as the Loughary children were buried with the Cockayne children, and the markers are alike suggesting their relationship was more than casual. William and Harriet Loughary eventually moved on to Oregon, and Harriet wrote a book about her experience on the overland trail. The book is a well-known piece of pioneer literature. This is just an interesting aside and goes to show how the family story just keeps morphing. - Jane Weaver, September 21, 2010.

Edmund Grose took photos of Cockayne Graves in Mt. Rose and First Street Cemeteries, Marshall County, W. Va.

Marshall County Cemeteries