Cockayne Family Pictures

Many of the family pictures were in the Sam Shaw Estate and were donated to the committee by
Charlie and Marion Walton, publishers of the Moundsville Echo.

Edmund Grose took photos of Cockayne Graves in Mt. Rose and First Street Cemeteries, Marshall County, W. Va.

Hannah Cockayne With Daughters
Birdie, Sallie & Gertrude Cockayne
Samuel A. J., Charles Schwob, Charles Showacre & Samuel A. "Zan" Cockayne
Young Sam & John Cockayne
Glen Dale Dramatic Company, 1895
First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
Irena Cockayne Shaw
Dora Cockayne
Sarah P. "Sallie" Cockayne Showacre
Ella P. "Birdie" Cockayne Meighen
Oriole Banjo & Mandolin Club
Marshall County Cemeteries