Early School in Glen Dale Held in Farmhouse

An early school in Glen Dale was held in the Bennett Cockayne farmhouse. Now the roster of students attending that school during one quarter in 1850 has been uncovered.

One of the many phases of the preservation effort entails organizing and scanning the written documents that survive, including business, geneaology and school records as well as family correspondence and notices of the many awards received by the farm. The most recent discovery regards the school. A record book detailing early financial transactions of the farm has been found and within the ledger is a page titled A complete Record of Attendance for the quarter “commencing the 10th day of June and exiting the 10th day of September,” 1850. Attendees at the school, in addition to Cockaynes, included such families as the Tomlinsons, the Newmans, the Roberts and the Mortons. Twenty-five students are logged in the record book, reproduced below.

Bennett Cockayne’s son, Alexander, born in 1827, graduated from law school at the University of Virginia and taught school from the farmhouse. Alexander died at 28 years of age from Typhoid Fever in 1855.