Scenes Painted On Cockayne Slate


     Bonnie Feiszli, a retired nurse who enjoys painting and history, has completed artwork on slate depicting scenes from the Cockayne Property. Bonnie had previously helped the Committee by decorating the Cockayne House and acting as a hostess for our first public tours in 2002 and 2003. These painted slates, removed from the Cockayne roof, feature the water pump outside the back door of the house and the Cockayne dining room. They will be offered for sale at a future fundraising event.

     Incidentally, on the slate of the dining room, the mantle displays an original painting by one of the Cockayne sisters. The stoneware featured on and around the mantle are likewise original to the house and are representative of early canning and preservation methods. Most of the jars were created in the Greensboro, Pennsylvania regions, just north of Morgantown, West Virginia. This region of southwestern Pennsylvania was a major stoneware manufacturing center and allowed housewives of centuries past to store perishable items such as vegetables, preserves and meats in an era before glass and tin.

     Members of the Moundsville Art Class have also volunteered their services to paint Cockayne slate for fundraising efforts. They have been given slate from the Cockayne Roof for this purpose. The committee is extremely grateful to those individuals who are not only creating sources of revenue for the Project but also items of historical significance in their own right.