Giclee Prints of Cockayne House & Farm On Sale


Cockayne House

Dr. Kenneth Allen, Cockayne committee member, holding a framed Cockayne giclee print,
and Lonnie Kiger, Past-President of the Marshall County Historical Society.
(Print framed by Zee Photography, Wheeling, W. Va.)

     As a fund raising effort for restoration/maintenance of the Cockayne House, a limited edition of 250 archival quality giclee prints of an old photo postcard of the 1850's farmhouse have been introduced for sale. Measuring 10" wide x 7.5" high with approximate 1" borders, the printing method employed to create the prints utilizes an 8-color process pigmented arcival giclee. The paper used is PH neutral, acid free and lignen free.


1877 Lithograph of Cockayne Farm
(Printed by Paul Jay Associates)

     We also offer for sale prints of the Cockayne Farm as the farm appeared in an 1877 Illustrated Atlas of the Upper Ohio River Valley from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati. The Atlas was found in the Cockayne House along with several additional loose leaf pages of this farm print. Just the year before, in 1876, Samuel A. J. Cockayne was awarded a certificate and bronze medal by the United States Centennial Commission for the ramís wool fleece he displayed at an International Exhibition held in Philadelphia. In 1877, the Cockayne Farm encompassed 303 acres and bordered the Ohio River on the west, covered the valley to Little Grave Creek on the east and continued up the eastern hillside. The house is depicted in the print as it was originally built. In the late Nineteenth Century, Samuel A. J. Cockayne expanded his home, adding a south bay, porch and dormers. The barn on the east side of Wheeling Avenue (now WV Route 2) is where John Marshall High School now stands.

     These high quality print sells for $40.00. If it is necessary to mail the print, please include an additional $3.85. Anyone having questions about the prints can E-Mail or call 304-845-9750 or 304-845-0260.

To order, send payment to:

Marshall County Historical Society
P.O. Box 267
Moundsville, WV 26041